To claim not to know what’s already been claimed known / Facing the earth. Facing information. Facing our lives (2017)

is a project developed together with Julieta Aguinaco at ARCUS Project Residency in Moriya, Japan. How can we represent a place, specifically the Tonegawa, without colonising it? is the central question to our research into the Tonegawa as an element of the larger Moriya area in Japan. ‘Why the Tonegawa’? one person may ask. ‘Don’t you have your own rivers back home that are as boring or spectacular as the Tonegawa?’ This question is fair. The impetus of this project is not necessarily our interest in the river. In a way, we employed the Tonegawa as a lever to discuss the issues of a visitor going to a place where he/she is not from, and consequently trying to represent that place.
The lecture-performance uses material gathered about the Tonegawa from a scientific, a social and a personal perspective, questioning whether representation without colonisation is possible when it becomes part of a larger process of collecting. This process is endless, hence, we wanted the amount of voices and interpretations to continue to grow during the Open Studios at ARCUS Project. After the performance, there was an opportunity for the visitors to share their comments, critique, knowledge and ideas about the Tonegawa. These remarks were incorporated into the performance for the next day.

Link to script (English version)
スクリプト (日本語版)

Photos Hajime Kato