Theater (2008-2012)

zie!duif is a collective of eight artists that developed from the master in Theatre Studies at the University of Antwerp (‘06-‘07). Twenty-two students made the performance ‘Een Tipje van de Luier’ during an intensive workshop led by Frank Vercruyssen (tg STAN). This performance won the first prize at the Student Theatre Festival in Groningen, The Netherlands. Winning the prize required making a new work for the next edition, so zie!duif kept on growing as a collective, though not in the amount of people. We lost fourteen and continued with eight.
Eight artists that see each other as equals, without the interference of a director or moderator. Eight different roads searching for a collective path, suffering under the complexity of communication. This experience will always be central in the performances. zie!duif jumps from witty anecdotes to serious discussions to honest narratives. From one thing to something else, just like people talk.  Eight stories, eight opinions, eight visions, eight outbursts, and in between the lines, eight attempts to reach something essential through language. And the viewer finds itself in the middle of all this, physically and mentally.




We are alone. Alone existentially. Professionals in the material of being alone. It’s just that we can’t be without others. Do you understand? That’s why I’m here. Here, one finds understanding, a moment of peace. It’s not easy, you know, to sit together and listen to each other. Actual listening. There is too much pointless chatter. I’m so happy to be here. And it does help. We are here now. Here we are.

S: In fact, we should all try to first understand each other, before we aspire to be understood. Right?
R: Yes, without any judgment or prejudice. 
S: And only when one can say “I understand you” to the one that has just told her story…
R: Sincerely understand
S:… only then you can talk about your own problem and then this one can say “I understand you too.” And that’s how you get to a mutual understanding. Do you understand?
K: Yes, we understand.

Written & performed by: Tina Ameel, Yannick Bochem, Leen De Graeve, Sarah Demoen, Kathleen Treier, Ine Van Baelen, Katrien Van Wassenhove en Leentje Vandenbussche
Coach: Stefaan Van Brabandt
Texts by i.a.: Umberto Eco, Flair, Peter Verhelst, World Food Corporation and Nigella Lawson
With the support of: Studententheaterfestival Groningen, Artforumvzw, fabuleus, Oude Badhuis and Villanella
Image: Kristien Verhoeyen



Its high time to make a decision. Within two weeks it will happen. Within two weeks he has to be present, our guy, our leader and the face of this action. Our guy will be a sign on the wall. A sign that time is running out, that we slept too long. We cannot hide any longer. The street is calling, the world is calling, the time is calling – unfortunately all too often into the desert. We are almost petrified, as is the ground beneath our feet, in which we dig for the roots of our engagement. A heavy burden lies on the shoulders of our guy. He will be the product of this action, entirely in accordance with the laws of our time. The glitzy product, the tinkling name, the flashy logo. When the time comes we should be able to sell our guy. When the time comes. In two weeks. Time is running out.

Written & performed by: Tina Ameel, Yannick Bochem, Leen De Graeve, Sarah Demoen, Kathleen Treier, Ine Van Baelen, Katrien Van Wassenhove and Leentje Vandenbussche
Coach: Robby Cleiren
With the support of: KBC-Jong Theaterprijs/TAZ, Arenbergschouwburg and Campo
Image: Bart Grietens

19 JUNI (2010)


This is a just a normal choir. With sopranos, mezzo sopranos and altos. Every week they come together to sing. Musical scales and complex polyphonic music. A soprano makes coffee. An alto is looking at her. Does she want coffee too? Another soprano takes her scores. What song will she pick for the warming up? The alto is going to the toilet. Does she have to go now? Why is she here? Where would she rather be if she wasn’t here? The soprano puts her scores down. Why do they do what they do?

Today, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days.

Written & performed by: Tina Ameel, Leen De Graeve, Sarah Demoen, Kathleen Treier, Ine Van Baelen, Katrien Van Wassenhove and Leentje Vandenbussche
Coach: Jan Bijvoet
Coproduced by: Cultuurcentrum Luchtbal with the support of the Flemish Government and the City of Antwerp.
Special thanks to Het Oud Badhuis
Image: Clara Hermans